Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cop Out

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Cop Out - 1 out of 5

I gave it a one but it really deserves a zero. Don't call a movie a comedy, when you don't have anything to laugh at. And Kevin Smith, although I am not the biggest fan of you, you do a better job when you direct movies you write. Not that his direction is what's wrong with this movie because it's all the fault of the two writers. This movie is nothing but a cliche cop buddy movie that we've seen before. And in case you are wondering...yes, Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan get yelled at by the chief for being "loose cannons." Tracy delivers the films only two funny moments but it seems he just couldn't get away from playing Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. I actually found myself feeling sorry for Kevin Pollack for being in this sad affair. I mean, he is so damn talented. Bruce Willis is playing the same cop he's playing for 75% of his career and really didn't need to be in the movie, they could have used a cardboard cut out of him. And I thought Sean William Scott was done playing Stifler. But here he is, playing him all over again. Basically what this movie boils down to is this: take every cop movie you've seen in the 80's, mix them together, take out the humor and charm and you get Cop Out. I'm glad I didn't see this in the theaters...image the uncomfortable silence those theaters suffered.

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