Monday, August 30, 2010

Batman: Under the Red Hood

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Batman: Under the Red Hood - 4 out of 5

Once again, DC proves that they are far superior to making great animated movies than Marvel. First off, they picked a great property to do an animated movie on. The Red Hood saga is just great Batman story telling and we also get to see the animated death of Jason Todd, Batman's 2nd Robin. I'll never forget when his death actually happened in the comics. I was dumbstruck that DC would kill off an iconic character like Robin (even though it wasn't Dick Grayson, Todd did take the mantel of Robin and to kill The Boy Wonder, I just never thought I would see it happen.) There are some major changes to the story here but I'll admit, I was in favor of every change. The animation is great, except for some low quality 3D animation poorly combined with fantastic 2D animation. (I don't understand why Futurama is the only animated program that can successful combine these two elements.) The only real problem I have with this movie (and it was bad enough to cause it to lose an entire point) is the cast of voice actors used. None of them are particularlly bad, in fact, most of them are great. With the exception of Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing. He isn't a very good voice actor (and in my opinion, actor all around) and he delivers every line like it's comic relief and not the banter of a man who's worked his entire life with one of the world's greatest heroes. The biggest crime this movie makes is not casting Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker. These two men cemented the standard voice for these two iconic characters in The Animated Series and have, since then, been brought back to reprise these roles in many Batman properties. To not utilize them in a great picture like this was just an insult to the Batman fans. Instead of Conroy and Hamill, we got Bruce Greenwood (Dinner for Schmucks and Star Trek, as well as providing the voice of Batman in a new series) is Batman and John DiMaggio (Bender and Marcus Fenix in Gears of War) is The Joker. Greenwood and DiMaggio both did a great job--in fact, I think John DiMaggio is one of the greatest voice actors to ever exist but Conroy and Hamill set the bar too high for other actors to ever hit when it comes to voicing Batman and Joker. Other than this single complaint, the movie is awesome. There is great action sequences and the movie is nice and dark. If you're a fan of Batman or DC in general, check this one out.

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